Damon Arhos


Damon Arhos’ Agnes Moorehead & Me series depicts hybrid digital images of actress Moorehead (best known for her role Endora on the TV show Bewitched) and his own self-portraits. Arhos then paints the amalgamations in order to demonstrate his own admiration of her achievements, wearing them like a mask of empowerment, and continues his self-described obsession with her and her career. The bright and bold colors push and pull each other constantly, never allowing a sense of stillness to exist within the picture plane. This tension mimics how culturally, we fight our own selves in order to conform to the expectations of society. Furthermore, the scale of the paintings, seven-by-six-feet, push the limits of the medium and material presence causing the merging of the abstracted identities to envelope and almost consume the viewer. By merging his features and aspiring to become like Moorehead, Arhos pushes the boundaries and rules of gender roles, our ability to gain empowerment from those not within our own gender, and his own queer identity. 

Agnes Moorehead & Me (No. 8/Figure Portrait)

  • Acrylic on hardboard panel    

    40" x 30"