Catalyst Contemporary is proud to present I know where I’ve been, an exhibition showcasing two artists, Sobia Ahmad and Sera Boeno whose works focus on violence, trauma, and healing in regards to their identities. 


The pieces featured in the show highlight the heaviness of these topics literally with Boeno’s archaeological concrete sculptures and through Ahmad’s textural monochromatic paintings. Two of the smaller works in the gallery symbolize sparks of hope for the future and requires our contemplation of them.  Ahmad and Boeno, both from Middle-Eastern countries of Pakistan and Turkey, respectively, highlight issues around religion, immigration, gender, and politics. 


Ahmad’s work grapples with nuances and complexities of the idea of home as an immigrant through socio-political commentary. Boeno’s work addresses silenced topics – politics, sex, religion, trauma - which she addresses by collecting small, intimate bits of information, and re-contextualizing these in public, enduring narratives. 


I know where I’ve been acts as a reminder that although some progress has been made for some groups and communities, there is still a longer road ahead for us all. In order to reach a better tomorrow, not only do these problems need to be addressed and recognized but hope, healing, and love has to also be included on our path. 


Exhibition Dates: June 22nd – September 7th, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 27th, 6-9 PM

Performance: July 20th, 3PM