Catalyst Contemporary presents Logical Elasticity, an exhibition showcasing the work of Salt Lake City painter Nolan Flynn, whose multivalent abstract fields and sketches question the presence of weighted ideas like relational aesthetics within the lens of human experiences, and ultimately questioning what we believe to be a finished piece.

The selections featured in the show encapsulate a threshold of time within the constraints of Flynn’s experience, whether it is personal input or global issues. During the act of creation, Flynn emotionally and autocratically responds to the visual and literary elements evolving on the surface of his canvas with a personal critique and subconscious awareness of the interactions and symbolism each stroke creates. This act of self critique and sketch-like visuals comes from a lack of predetermined movements, and the ideas unfold naturally. Flynn relates his process to that of Jean Claude Christo considering the initial idea and plan as a completed piece rather than a final work. In Christo’s work, the sketch and initial plan is revered and is the only contribution to the actual secondary goal that the original idea presented.

Launch points or areas of influence such as a to do list begin the process, these ideas stem from emotionally charged or a repetitious experience. Once written or briefly sketched, these areas of insight begin to evolve through a process of personal edits, using an x, a circle or being crossed off and adjusted. This evolution of thought and critique across the surface begs to question, “When is the piece, or whether ends ever came to be within the many struggles or cognitive thoughts.”

Featured in Flynn’s show is the newest works within the spectrum of ever evolving narratives. The pieces contained have the highest sense of fidelity and accessibility. Initially the work stemmed from a metaphorical embryonic sketch and an insular language only known to the artist himself. However distant and removed, the scribbled words and sketches are a third rendition of the work. Flynn’s raw and original ideas are reflected in the lack of planning prior to creation and offer a purely human and emotional response, creating an approachable look into his own thoughts and experiences.

The title Logical Elasticity was chosen to represent the works dichotomy between both the aesthetic choices and flexibility of visual edits within the lens of Flynn’s life scope. Logically, many ideas or ways to create and adapt in both a literal sense or visual sense can happen depending on one’s conditioning, in any way a logical sense of presence and personal critique is apparent. While elasticity or pliability often refers to the ability to adjust and manipulate, the actions are manipulated on the surface with visual and scribed evidence furthering the collaboration between sketch, thought and language.